Employee / Member Assistance Program (E/MAP)

NOTE: EAP/FSEAP Counselling services are available by telephone during the Covid pandemic. Information on assistance is also available on the www.myfseap.com website or iFSEAP app, for eligible employees of EAP/FSEAP employers.

Your employee or member assistance program provides professional counselling services for Families, Couples & Individuals (FCI) needing help in dealing with Life’s Challenges, such as:  

  • family difficulties
  • marital conflict
  • grief
  • stress
  • work/job related issues
  • harassment
  • separation or divorce
  • anxiety
  • abuse
  • depression
  • anger management
  • abuse
  • and more... 

Through solution-focused interventions, professionally trained counsellors help individuals and families to improve their level of functioning, their satisfaction with life, job satisfaction / performance and their interpersonal relationships.  

  • Employee / Member Assistance Programs – E/MAPs, are offered by many employers and unions as part of a health and benefits program.  E/MAP programs cover the cost of counselling for eligible employees and their dependents.
  • Family Counselling Centre is an accredited member of the national Family Service Employee Assistance Program.  Locally covered employees / members and their eligible family members have access to professional counselling with any fseap member in Canada.
  • ALL counselling is completely confidential, employers do not know who is participating.


To book an EAP Counselling appointment call 519-336-0120, or to find out more about how an E/MAP can help your business or membership call 519-336-0917 x 227